How Britain has changed since 1997

Date: June 2010
Remark: Including: demographics and immigration, media and technology, economics and trade, tax and living, education, lifestyle and attitudes, health.
Creator by: Prospect magazine
Data source: ONS, Department of Health, NHS Information Centre, King’s Fund, British Crime Survey, British Reported Crime, MOD, HM Prison Service, Ipsos Mori

Google Voice for everyone

Date: June 2010
Remark: Everyone? Not europe … for now
Created by: Google
Data source: ATT, ITU Communications Database, The Economist, Wikipedia

Home Appliance Energy Use

Date: 2010
: General Electrics (GE)
Remark: Interactive graphic
Data source: The data presented in this application was supplied and is derived from a number of sources, including: ENERGY STAR, a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy; the Department of Energy’s Energy Savers program; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Energy End-Use Forecasting Group and Standby Power program; utility companies, including Pacific Gas & Electric and Flathead Electric Cooperative; and Consumer Reports. Additional information was provided by D&R International, independent consultants for ENERGY STAR.

How Diets Affect Weight Around the World

Date: Nov 2009
Creator(s): GOOD, Always with honor, Whole Foods Market
Data source: World Health Organisation (WHO)